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That's the trouble with regeneration. You never know what you're going to get.

Fifth Doctor
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Name: The Doctor (fifth incarnation)

Canon: Doctor Who

Point of Entry: Between Frontios and Ressurection of the Daleks

Appearance: Tall, blonde and blue eyed. The youngest of his incarnations to date. He wears a collared shirt (upon which red question marks are embroidered on the collar) and a cricket sweater underneath an Edwardian frock coat. Candy striped pants and white, immaculate plimsoll shoes. Upon his lapel is a stick of celery, for what reason he wears it isn't fully known though he has said it is because celery detects certain gasses in the Praxis spectrum that he is allergic to.

History: After falling from a great hight and a hard regeneration which almost killed him when it nearly failed. He recovered on the planet Castrovalva, and defeated the Master who'd laid a trap there to kill him. The Fifth Doctor then continued his travels with Tegan Jovanka, Nyssa of Traken and Adric. Sadly during the course of his adventures Adric died when attempting to stop Adric from crashing a space freighter into Earth. This tragedy affected all members of the TARDIS crew.

Soon after he was recalled back to Gallifrey, after accidentally stranding Tegan back at Heathrow, and given the death sentence when it was clear that Omega wished to return to this universe by taking control of the Doctor's body. He survived and destroyed Omega.

After a while he met Vislor Turlough who, at the command of the Black Guardian, attempted to kill the Doctor. Though he failed he became part of the TARDIS crew and Nyssa left to find a cure for Lazar's disease.

He ran into some of his previous incarnations when he was taken to the death zone by his old friend and Lord President Borusa, who was attempting to gain immortality. After defeating Borusa, he was offered the presidency but instated Flavia until he returned before running off with Tegan and Turlough in the TARDIS.

Since then they've been travelling, righting wrongs and doing good like he's always done.

Personality: The Fifth Doctor is known as the most vulnerable and reserved of his incarnations, both past and future. Quite often he'll wait and react to situations instead of being proactive. He works best as a team and though he does have a tendency to be more than a little bit tetchy at times he is more than willing to lay down his life to save those of his companions if needed.

Because of his boyish charm and youthful appearance many people, both ally and enemy alike, don't take him seriously and he must fight for respect. He abhors violence just as much, if not more, than his other incarnations and can quite often be found at the end of it all telling his allys that "there should have been another way!"

His favourite pastime is cricket and is often disappointed when he is unable to play a game because he has to save the world, though he will do so with a smile on his face (until it all goes wrong).

Beneath his youthful appearance hides a tired and universe weary Timelord who really wants to play a good game of cricket and have fun with his friends. When his friends leave him, by death, to help others or just to go home again, he takes it personally and blames it on his lifestyle and the violence in it.
For dark_desert_hwy

- 1 Cricket sweater
- 1 White collared shirts with red question marks embroidered on the collar
- Underwear
- Socks
- 1 Yo-yo
- 1 Cricket ball and bat
- Fresh celery stalk
- Remnants of the sonic screwdriver that was destroyed by the Terilptils.
- 1 Pocket watch
- 1 Vest with English Roses embroided over it.

Gained during the Game:

- Complete Gallifreyan Presidential robes. Including the Headdress...

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for more info on Fivey see his wiki

For underabadsun

What if The Doctor didn't regenerate at the end of Caves of Androzani? What if the Rani saved his lives and he was now in her debt? What if she kept him in that debt forever? This is their story.

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